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40 kms

No License Required

It’s Electric. Not normal.
Move around the cities in a completely different to your home & office with just a twist of the throttle.

No licences required.
No gas required... Hassle free.

Lightweight Portable battery packs

Our indigenously designed Advanced Lithium ion portable battery pack weighs around just less than 2Kgs only making it easy to carry & charge in your home or office.


Up to 50km range



Up to 50km range


The 20kms radius

Most people in India commutes daily not more than 50kms a day as a single rider most of the time. If you are someone who does a 20-50 kms in a daily commute & wish to go the eco-friendly way & wish to save on gas, SAYL T1 electric cycle is the best alternative option for your petrol powered scooter.

Better cost savings than a petrol scooter with more performance than a normal cycle.

How to charge?

The portable battery packs come handy with a charger & can charge in any 5 amp socket.
You can charge your smartphone also with our battery pack too. Yippee!

Motor details

Powerful 250 watts motor provides extraordinary control and torque for an entry level electric cycle enabling good acceleration and combining with our lightweight portable battery pack the electric cycle provides upto 40kms of range for your inter city daily commutes.

High carbon steel frame

Built with an light weight High carbon steel for ultimate durability and passenger protection for Smooth & stable ride on your streets.

Multi functional display

LCD display shows variety of information from speed, range & time on the electric cycle which will be useful for you, when you start your ride every time.

LED lights

We provide front & rear flash lights so you are more visible during day & night to everyone around you on the streets.

Hydraulic disc brakes

For effective braking power we have placed disc brakes in the front & rear of our electric cycle for a smooth & comfortable ride.

Hub motor transmission

Throttle it & twist it up for the action to begin. No service required with 2 years warranty on motor & controller.

LED Lights


Hydraulic Disc Brake

250W Motor


Up to Max. 40kms autonomy

100% recharged in < 2.5hrs

Snow White
Mineral Grey

LCD monitor

Micro USB port (To charge your phone)

One S-M-L frame size (Optimized for riders between 160cm-195cm tall)


2 years

Starting from ₹27,000

June 2021

High carbon steel


Custom-designed 36V/3A charger

250W Hub motor driven

Front : Disc Brake
Rear : Hydraulic Disc brake

Alloy rims (F & R)

26*1.95 (F & R)


1. All specifications are projected specifications for production vehicles. Vehicle capability will depend on selected options and respective range variants.
2. Vehicle range varies with conditions including weather, driving behaviour, vehicle condition and load, and battery age. Charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity and may be limited by charger capability.
3. Prices are excluding accessories, labour, handling, fitting, delivery and any other incidental charges.