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Sayl MUV





140 Kms (Approx.)

Charging time

< 4 Hours

Driven by technology, Sayl Electric Mopeds are powered by innovation that puts you in charge. 

Multi Utility Vehicle

The MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle is a Moped designed for Daily commute as well as last mile delivery with High Payload Capacity which reduce maintenance costs by 30% or more to increase efficiency of your daily mobility needs.

Business Ready

Lower total cost-of-ownership, easy maintenance.

Cargo Volume

More cargo, small footprint, easy maneuverability inside cities.

Productivity Tool

Use it for Daily commute as well as for last mile delivery with a custom Rear seat.

Portable Battery Pack

Charge it anywhere you want with custom range options.Simply Take out the battery & charge it.

Delivery Business

200 kgs

Load Capacity

Portable Battery

Battery pack technology

Our indigenously designed & in-house manufactured Lithium ion portable battery pack is equipped with Advanced Thermal management solutions which offers highest Energy Density with longer cycle life delivering superior heat transfer performance and pack temperature uniformity.

Superior Thermal Control

Smart Diagnostics

Longer Cycle Life upto 7 Years

No Fire

Smart Diagnostics

7 years

Battery life

High Strength Steel Frame

A smooth welded frame composing a uni-body style, but incorporates features designed to enhance durability and performance for faster delivery & commute on daily basis.

Multi Functional Display

The LCD Display shows variety of information from speed,range & time on the Electric Moped which will be useful for you,when you start your ride every time.

Anti-Theft System

Steering lock along with alarm system makes it safe against theft.

LED Lights

Wide angle 360 degree lighting system provides front & rear flash lights ,so you are more visible during day & night to everyone around you on the streets.

Hydraulic disc brakes

For effective Braking power we have placed disc brakes in the front & rear drum on our Electric Moped for a smooth & comfortable ride.

Hub Motor

High Efficiency 250 Watts BLDC Hub motor (Brushless DC motor) provides extraordinary control and torque for an entry level Electric Moped enabling good acceleration with high torque for carrying cargo.


Sayl MUV comes with a wide range of accessories to best suit your daily commute as well as last mile delivery with custom seats & exclusive carriage design.


At Sayl,We provide 2 years warranty for Frame,motor & battery pack & electronic components.

250W Motor


Wide Range of options

2 yrs warranty


Upto 60/90/140 Kms (Approx.)

80% recharged in < 2hrs
100% recharged in < 4hrs


Snow White
Mineral Grey
Earth Blue

LCD monitor

Micro USB port (To charge your phone)

One S-M-L frame size (Optimized for riders between 160cm-195cm tall)


2 years (Motor & Battery)
1 year (Charger, Controller)
6 months (Converter, Brakesensor, Display, Switches & Throttle)

Starting from ₹55,000

June 2021

High carbon steel

20/30/40 Ah
1.2/1.8/2.4 KWh

Press Start/Key/Remote

Hydraulic Ø31*385

Hydraulic Ø30
tube Ø10*270


Dry < 5m
Wet < 15m


Custom-designed 60V/7A charger

250W Hub motor driven

Front : Disc Brake
Rear : Drum brake

Alloy rims (F & R)

1750x490x1080 mm

90/90/12 (F & R)


1. All specifications are projected specifications for production vehicles. Vehicle capability will depend on selected options and respective range variants.
2. Vehicle range varies with conditions including weather, driving behaviour, vehicle condition and load, and battery age. Charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity and may be limited by charger capability.
3. Prices are excluding accessories, labour, handling, fitting, delivery and any other incidental charges.