Switch to EV’s Now.

Sayl will help your company to make the switch.

Low cost of ownership · Long range with zero emissions · Affordable Pricing Plan

Manage a fleet of Sayl’s in your city.

Help us change the way India commutes by reducing the cost & environmental impact of your company’s fleet.

Fleet Manager Program

Sayl’s Fleet Manager program is specifically carted for logistics providers and small businesses interested in making their neighborhoods cleaner, safer, lower their operational cost and less congested by managing fleets of e-scooters for Last mile delivery as well as daily transportation needs of people.

Delivery Business

Whether you are into a small business who wants to deliver light weight deliveries such as medicines, Food, Courier’s, etc for your customers at a faster & convenient & cost efficient way then Unisex is the best answer for your business.

Like Minded Organisations

Are you in a Hotel/Resort business who is looking to provide a premium travel experience in & around the locality then Sayl will be the right answer to you.

Startups & Corporates

Are you a Startup/Corporate/Factory who wants to give different mobility choice to your employees & add sustainability to your company, Sayl will be the best solution in terms of getting your employees for a cost efficient & sustainable means of transport.

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Special pricing available for B2B Customer’s as from minimum of 5 units onwards.